Business Grants and Loans

Once you’ve put the hard work in with planning and consulting, you’ll reach a point where you’re ready to break out of the gate and open for business. At PELA CFDC, we want to make sure that this experience is the best it can be, locking in your chance for success. We have many resources to help you along the way, from access to funding to free advice and guidance. PELA CFDC is your partner for prosperity.

E.O.D.P. Grants

Do you need help getting started on your way to success? PELA CFDC can help you achieve your goals. Focused on business growth and economic development, the EODP provides non-repayable funding for projects, administered by CFDCs in various areas across the province. Up to 50% of your costs for approved projects can be funded, including prototyping, testing, technology and training. We also help support startups, expansions, or soliciting out-of-region business.

Business Loans

PELA CFDC provides financing for new and existing businesses in the community to help foster economic diversity and prosperity. Whether you need help starting a business, renovating a building, negotiating a lease, purchasing equipment or inventory, or access to working capital, we can help you with up to $250,000 in grant funding.

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Other Services and Programs Available

EYE Program

Opportunities for youth can be hard to find, and many require hard-to-get experience to even get your foot in the door. PELA CFDC supports the EYE Program to provide a youth focused entrepreneurial training program for people between the ages of 18-29. If you have a business idea and need help to develop it or get it to its full potential, we can help you achieve your goals!

Business Advice

If you need some advice to help you get started, PELA CFDC provides free business advisory services to both new and existing businesses. We can help you plan, launch, and manage your ongoing business, and help you address the challenges you face along the way. Whether it be advising, business plan support, help with funding and referral programs, or help finding out how to access capital or investments, check out how we can be there on your path to success.

Upper Canada Equity Fund

The early stages of your business can be critical for your lasting success. Sometimes, with all the resources and time you put in, you can still come up short. PELA CFDC administers a special fund that invests equity into you business at the early stages, co-invested by First Stone Venture Partners. Unlike traditional venture capitalists, First Stone Venture Partners and PELA CFDC have a goal of building sustainable businesses that have longevity and boost economic diversity.

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